Here are just a handful of highlights from my most recent wedding that I shot. The day was absolutely lovely, and the weather held out. We were able to finish our last outside shots before a light rain fell. I'm really happy for Megan, and Jonathan. They are a lovely couple, and I wish them a long, happy marriage.


Megan was the most recent bride that I worked with. She, and her whole party and family were great to work with. Working in the tight space in this hotel room, with the bridal party, forces one to get in close to the subject.

The Bridal Party

This fun group of ladies kept the party going! Lots of love and tears, you could see the bond that they had with the bride. Never a dull moment. This was a simple shot, taken in the hotel as they were getting ready. Bounced flash off of the ceiling.

Shedding Tears of Joy

Here's Megan's grandmother, first sight of the bride. She was so proud of Megan's next chapter in life. She didn't try to hold back the tears.

Happy Family

Megan's family, was proud to have Jonathan join the circle!

The Groomsmen

Fun group of guys, that unlike other weddings, were down to have their photos taken, and retaken to get the shot!

Lifting the Bride

Were the groomsmen making sure that the bride wouldn't walk in the mud, or keeping her away from the Groom? It was pretty dry, I'm thinking the latter... This shot was taken at sunset. It was beautiful light, but I really needed to watch were I was shooting. The sun was low enough behind the bridge, that it was sun flaring directly into the camera. I did some experimental shots, that didn't work because the sun was too loud. The joy of digital camera's is that you can afford to try out things, and get the safe shots too.

The Party

This party loved to dance! From Michael Jackson style break dancing, to getting all of the mother's out on the dancefloor! This shot was a shutter drag. I had the ISO up fairly high to catch the ambient light. With my flash in rear curtain sync, It froze the action at the end of the shot. It's a great demonstrate the craziness on the dance floor.